FatCow Website Hosting Review

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FatCow is one of the biggest online web hosts and has become one of the best ones offered. While it is not a big name like GoDaddy or HostGator this site provides a great service at a fantastic price. It has been rated as one of the most reliable and best web hosting services on all of the web and has great reviews from around the world. They provide many of the tools needed in order to start up a website from scratch and all it takes is an idea to get it started. FatCow is an influential web hosting service and it can work great for any web site.

Disk Space &
Domains AllowedMysSQL DatabasesEmail AccountsMarketing IncentivesMoney-Back GuaranteeControl Panel
UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited $100 Google
$25 Yahoo!/Bing
$50 Facebook
Free toll-free phone #
Anytime (prorated for time used).vDeck
(Custom Built)


The reliability of FatCow is great since this is one of the best web hosts. FatCow guarantees 99.9% up time that really cannot be beaten. Many other websites say that they do this but FatCow is one of the few that actually pulls through. The servers that they use to store data are of the highest quality and they will handle any problem very efficiently. Anyone’s site that uses this host will not have to worry about losing traffic due to server problems. The support staff at FatCow has this part of the job all covered.

Ease Of Use

The FatCow layout is a simple but effective method. It offers some great tools to use with your website to either build it or check on it. Some of these tools can add text or they can also add images or videos. With the tools this site offers it is simple to get this data uploaded. Also, the interface that FatCow uses is responsive and reliable so that if you need to change something it will be readily available. They have put a lot of time into integrating special webmaster options to check stats and even making a custom email address. This keeps everything in one place for easy access.

Customer Support

When it comes to the customer support they definitely have hired good employees to take care of their customers. These people on call know all of the tricks of the trade and will be able to take care of any problems in an efficient manner. They are available 24/7 either by phone or online chat which makes it super convenient for anyone’s schedule. Whether it is a question or a problem the FatCow staff will take care of it.

Prices and Plans

One thing we love about FatCow is the simplicity of their prices and plans.  FatCow offers one plan that includes all of their features so you don’t have to try and decide which features you need and for which you are willing to pay more.  There is almost always an introductory sign up plan offered by FatCow with a price around $3 a month for the initial term. After the initial term, the plans renew at the following full rates:

1. The 36 month plan renews at $6.99 a month billed as a lump sum of $251.64.

2. The 24 month plan renews at $7.99 a month billed as a lump sum of $191.76.

3. The 12 month renewal rate is $8.99 a month billed as a lump sum of $107.88.

All of their plans include the support and security suite offers in addition to unlimited storage space and data transfer. Free domain transfer and registration is available for those who want to change their hosting company.

Add-ons & Special Features

That is not the end of the list of special tools that FatCow offers. They offer no limits on the bandwidth available so that the visitors to their websites will not overflow the servers. This can really help someone who is new to building websites. They also offer exclusive advertising deals with some of the biggest search engines so that you can get the word out there about your site in no time to millions of people. Also, they have a website builder and unlimited mailboxes included with the package and MySQL databases and free domain registration all together. All of this is included together for the amazing price of $56 a year.

FatCow is a great web hosting service that experts and beginners will be able to fully enjoy.

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