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Go Daddy offers reasonably priced domains, beating out most major competitors prices. Go Daddy offers packages similar to those offered by their competitors, and have a high level of compatibility, noticeably with Mac. Pros aside, Go Daddy gives you what you pay for, slower speeds and an interface that could use a bit of work, incredibly poor customer service, and so-so reliability. They are one of the more economic options for domain hosting, but not the best, and sometimes a little more cash can go a lot farther.

Disk Space &
Domains AllowedMysSQL DatabasesEmail OptionsMarketing IncentivesMoney-Back GuaranteeControl Panel
10GB - UnlimitedUnlimited10 - Unlimited100 - 1000Up to $100 Yahoo!/Bing
$50 Facebook
30 DaysUse their own custom control panel.


Go Daddy continually receives harsh reviews for the lack of hosting reliability. As the most important part of operating a domain, this is not something that should be glossed over. Their lack of consistent virtual and dedicated server hosting is enough to send many customers to their competitors cursing their name. Web pages are meant to be read and viewed, and for many it brings in business and cash flow, whether through advertisements or customers. Go Daddy pages are known to experience numerous technical errors and hosting problems, sometimes leaving customers without a webpage for a few days.

Ease Of Use

Their site comes equipped with a decent tool bar for preparing your web page, and a fairly easy to use navigation system with only a small learning curve. If you don’t like the set up, you can easily set up another FTP client. It has multiple compatibility opinions allowing for use with Mac and Linux. It keeps up with changing formats and scripts allowing it to be adaptable to different things you might decide to try on your web page.

Customer Support

If one thing could be as bad as their reliability, this is worse. The fact that their customer service is so poor only makes technical issues and hosting errors so much more aggravating, sometimes even deal breaking. Technical issues are handled with a fly-by-night operation’s grace. Their dedicated team is ether lazy, ineffective, or too busy fixing everyone else’s problems because some technical errors can go with out being addressed for days to weeks. For many, that means no, or limited, business, not to mention how unprofessional a webpage with operating errors looks. Go Daddy’s Tech support has been repeatedly blasted for their lack of knowledge, skill, and helpfulness.

Prices and plans

Things do get better. As was said, Go Daddy offers affordable plans, that are, nominally, similar, or identical, to their competitors plans for significantly less. If price makes the determination on domain hosting for you, Go Daddy is among the foremost. Their competitively priced plans offer new, emerging businesses the opportunity to save money while propelling themselves into the online market.

Add-ons and special features

Go Daddy offers a lot of add-ons to improve user experience and web sites, though many of the add-ons are only Windows or Linux compatible. It’s worth mentioning that not all the add-ons are free, and as you might expect all the really good add-ons are not. The add-ons that are free tend to be much less useful to the operation of a domain. Go Daddy certainly isn’t the only domain provider to do this, but what could have been a good selling point for them just regresses to the mean. Sure they have add-ons and features that are Go Daddy exclusive, and quite nice, but they are still subject to the function of the rest of Go Daddy’s server and hosting antics.


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