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Hub, or WebHubHosting, was an early riser in the web hosting scene and because of this they have managed to lock in some amazing features for their customers. This web hosting service, because of its age, has also managed to work out most of its kinks and offers one of the highest reliability percentages in the industry. Other than that the service offers webmasters a safe, secure and easy-to-use place to host their websites with unlimited access to addition sites, sub-domains and storage. If you are wondering what the full story is read on.

Disk Space &
Domains AllowedMysSQL DatabasesEmail AccountsMarketing IncentivesMoney-Back GuaranteeControl Panel
UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited $75 Google
$75 Yahoo!/Bing
90 Day Full Money BackcPanel


When you sign up for Hub you are offered a 99.9% reliability rate and they mean it. Hub is one of the few servers that doesn’t seem to crash often at all; a surprising fact considering they offer up unlimited bandwidth to users. There is scheduled maintenance but it is rare and users are made aware of the maintenance well in advance. You can’t get away with absolutely no down time, after all, these services require some work to keep it running. Overall, the reliability meets or exceeds expectations.

Overall Ease of Use

While there are hosting platforms directed at the technically inclined, Hub creates a really cool mix between easy-to-use options for the less technically minded, and intricate options for those who truly enjoy getting down and dirty with coding. Hub does support script and allows users to customize their templates if they so choose. For those who are just looking to get their site operational a drag and drop option can be employed. It is a great mix for both crowds.

The system also runs off the acclaimed and beloved cPanel system, so there is absolutely no need to learn anything new if you are familiar with cPanel. If you aren’t familiar it is a simple tool that is self-explanatory.

Customer Support

The real gem for Hub is the customer support that is offered to website owners. There is a 24/7 support staff who is ready to answer questions anytime, anywhere. You, the customer, are also afforded three different methods of communication so you’ll never feel forced into some ill-fated, scripted phone call. You can choose to e-mail the company, call on the phone, or begin an online chat right from your own cPanel for quick, urgent questions. The chat feature is definitively the fastest option; although e-mails are answered within hours and phone calls take but a few minutes to get connected. Overall, the customer service here is top-of-the-line.

Pricing and Plans

Hub has slightly strange payment options. If you choose to sign up for 1 year you get the low price of just $6 per month. Each additional year you are willing to sign up for in advance drops the price some more. The price for a 32 month contract is $3.95; however it all has to be paid up front. The pricing plan includes unlimited bandwidth, storage, e-mail and websites. For an additional dollar per month (Regardless of your plan) you can access 10GB of backup, secure storage. The plans, frankly, could use a bit of tweaking as a three year commitment seems a bit ambitious, but all-in-all the prices are fair.

Add-ons and Special Features

New customers are treated to a host of impressive special features and signup bonuses that can get any website off the ground quickly. A limited offer of a $75 credit for Adwords and Yahoo!  The marketing credit can help business owners build traffic right out of the gate. It is a rather nice offer that should be mentioned. Add in the fact that Hub offers webmasters integrated shopping carts, two separate statistic tools and over 500 customization templates and it is easily the hosting platform that offers the most in the way of extras.

The Verdict

Overall, Hub is one of the best hosting options out there. The support, the reliability and the easy-to-use features all make it a worthwhile endeavor on their own. When you add in the special features and signup bonuses it seems like a no-brainer. Hub wins the award for one of the highest quality web hosting services out there.

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