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InMotion is an award-winning hosting network offering superior customer service, reliable products, and user-friendly technology. InMotion has been serving satisfied customers since 2001. With their 24/7 customer support, online chat features, and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, it should come as no surprise that they have earned an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau and were awarded 3 out of 3 starts, as a CNET Certified Service Provider.

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Unlimited2 - 252 - 200Unlimited $75-100 Google90 DaycPanel


Reliability is key in the website hosting industry. Consumers who rely on webhosting services for their business needs should be able to feel confident that their site will be up and running at all times. With InMotion, consumers can enjoy this confidence. InMotion uses Linux and Unix operating systems, and they monitor their operating systems 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With their top-notch, experienced team of technicians, and their superior knowledge of webhosting, InMotion offers the most reliable webhosting services on the market today. Their commitment to service and reliability make them a top choice in the web hosting industry.

Ease Of Use

Many consumers do not have much experience in building websites. Fortunately, InMotion has them covered. Their site design team has created one of the most user-friendly control panels on the market. InMotion offers a large selection of templates, making it very easy to create a customized website. With their easy-to-use templates, numerous help menus, and instructional videos, even the most inexperienced users can easily build a website to meet their specific needs. Even consumers who have never built a website will be able to design a website to meet their needs, with minimal effort.

Customer Support

Customer Service is the single-most important reason that consumers should choose InMotion. Their technicians are available 24/7 and are ready to solve any issue. InMotion strives to meet their customer’s needs by offering three convenient avenues to access their professional team of technicians. Consumers can contact them by email, phone, or via the online chat feature. Regardless of which option consumers select, they are sure to get fast, friendly, reliable service.

Prices And Plans

InMotion offers three different plans, designed to meet the needs of a diverse consumer base: 1) Launch; 2) Power; and 3) Pro. The Launch plan is a small business starter plan and is available for $5.95 per month. The Power plan is marketed as the “Top Choice” for small businesses and is available for $7.95 per month. The Pro plan offers the most features and is available for $13.95 per month. Each of these plans offers a variety of services that are sure to leave any consumer satisfied. InMotion also offers a 90-day-money-back guarantee. With affordable rates and a money-back guarantee, what’s not to love about InMotion?

Add-ons And Special Features

InMotion offers a number of add-on services and special features, designed to impress even the most technologically demanding consumer. For consumers who do not have the time to build their own website, InMotion offers custom web design. Alternatively, for consumers who want to build their own site, but need a professional evaluation, InMotion has them covered too. They also offer other features, such as easy-to-use shopping carts, spam filters, blog features, and the ability to add many other applications to enhance any website. InMotion’s site is also compatible with the most popular social networking sites on the web. With these types of services and available add-on features, they are ready to meet the needs of any consumer.

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