About Us

Who the heck are we?

Simple.  We are nerds.  We are the people that love the internet and website creation so much that we created a site just about website hosting.

We have spent years as website design professionals and consultants for small to medium sized businesses and bloggers.  This experience provided us the enjoyable opportunity of spending hours searching for hosting solutions to meet the needs of different individuals and companies we worked with.  This site was created as a way to share what we have learned in hopes of making your life easier.

You know how you and your colleagues spend hours surfing the internet at work?  Well surfing the internet is what we do for work!  By the end of the day our eyes are burning from staring at our computer screens as we compare features and read the fine print of these hosting companies in search of the information that real consumers would like to know without having to, well, do what we nerds are doing.  We feel a great deal of pride in providing you this helpful information and our goal is that it will help you make informed decisions about which web host to use.

Do we do this work for free?  We would!  But we do receive a small commission from web hosting companies when you decide to sign-up for a hosting account after viewing our site here.  This helps to offset the costs we incur to run this website.  We assure you that this does not influence our top 10 list in any way.   We are committed to providing honest and accurate hosting data and promise we will never rank a company based on commission we receive.  These rankings and information are legit.

Let us know how we are doing

Since we are web geeks and not professional writers, sometimes our stuff doesn’t make sense when we re-read it.  If you feel the same way, please feel free to let us know so we can continue to improve the information provided on this site.  We look forward to hearing from you!  [email protected]