Bluehost Website Hosting Review

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Bluehost is a cheap hosting provider who has taken the market by storm since 1996 by offering great service, wonderful reliability, and great features all in one, low cost package.

Disk Space &
Domains AllowedMysSQL DatabasesEmail AccountsMarketing IncentivesMoney-Back GuaranteeControl Panel
UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited $100 Google
$25 Yahoo!/Bing
$50 Facebook
Anytime (prorated for time used).cPanel

The ladies and gentlemen at Bluehost looked to make web hosting easy and affordable and they have done just that. The company has been rewarded for their efforts. Bluehost has climbed into the top 10 web hosting companies and is one of the fastest growing, as well.

Nearly 20,000 users are signing up a day and the company is expanding exponentially to meet the demands. We looked at Bluehost in several areas that we believe are most important to webmasters to see how they stack up. Take a look.


When looking for the best web hosting option one of the main things users look for is reliability. All the bells and whistles in the world won’t matter if the site doesn’t stay up long enough for you to use it effectively. Bluehost more than exceeds expectations on this front. The site regularly exce

eds the 99.9% magical number everyone likes seeing and regularly informs customers if its routine maintenance. Maintenance is also done on off-peak period as not to affect many people. Overall the reliability is top-notch and that’s the most you can ask from the best web hosting options on the market.

Overall Ease of Use

One of the great things about Bluehost, aside from its reliability, is its attainability. The service provider offers users cPanel controls which, at this point, are an in
The control panel is extremely intuitive, but everything is laid out in front of you so there aren’t a ton of links to navigate around. Your most important features are right at the top and everything else is categorized into nice neat bundles from script options, to e-mail management and site traffic analysis. If you are looking for easy webhosting this is pretty much the answer to your prayers. Bluehost has the easiest webhosting panel to navigate in the industry at the moment.dustry standard. The control panel is extremely straightforward and easy to use. It literally takes a couple of minutes to get acclimated and then you are off and running with your website.

Price and Plans

Bluehost has taken the guess work out of picking a website hosting plan. Many companies offer a myriad of different levels of ownership. While the customization is nice it can get confusing, not to mention expensive, to get everything you need. Bluehosting decided to offer up one package that takes care of the needs of everybody and offer it in one, cheap website hosting package. At just $6.95 per month, with a yearly subscription, it is one of the cheapest hosting packages around and certainly has the most bang for the buck.

This host offers up unlimited domains under one account as well as unlimited sub domains under the account as well. That is all covered under the $6.95 price plan umbrella. Additionally the company throws in the domain name when you sign up and offers 1500GB of storage and bandwidth. All-in-all the package meets or exceeds the needs of small and medium sized website owners without a problem.

Special Features & Add-ons

Bluehost has great script support above all else. Users are really in control of the special features and the easy to use script support makes the lives of coders much easier, all around. Additionally the company offers a myriad of multimedia and merchant features that can turn any website into a moneymaker or news sharing entity in seconds. There are few hosting providers that offer the amount of eCommerce options that Bluehost does and for no extra charge, at that!

The Verdict

Overall Bluehost met or exceed industry standards and expectations and the web hosting provider did it all without charging consumers an arm and a leg. It is no wonder this is one of the fastest growing providers out there. Quality, quantity of features and a low, monthly price makes Bluehost an extremely enticing web hosting solution.

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