Frequently Asked Questions

They say there is no such thing as a dumb question.  But you and I both know that is just not true!  But here is a list of good questions with accompanying answers to facilitate your quest for the perfect website hosting company.

What is a webhosting company?

In order for a website to be viewed by the public the website files must be loaded onto a server that is accessible over the internet.  This can be accomplished one of two ways.  1.  A website owner can create their own server or 2. A website owner can lease server space from a third party company.  The third party hosting company that leases out server space is a hosting company.  Each of the companies in our review lists has a data center full of servers where website owners pay to store their website files, thus making their website available to the public through the internet.

Why should I pay a webhosting company instead of creating my own server?

Maintenance and upkeep.  It is fairly easy to create and run your own server.  But it is a big hassle.  Running your own servers means you are responsible for monitoring, maintaining, and protecting the server.  You are solely responsible for software updates, keeping the server running fast, protecting the server from viruses and unwanted intrusions, and keeping the server on and available 24/7 so that visitors can find and use your websites.  And if something goes wrong you don’t have any help.  For less than $10 a month most people find it worth it to pay a hosting company to host their website on a top of the line server with 99.9% up-time and boat load of features that make running a website easy and efficient.

What is the difference between shared hosting, dedicated hosting and VPS?

As mentioned earlier, hosting companies house large servers that are leased out to their customers.  There are three different ways a consumer can lease server space.

  1. Shared hosting is the most common type of hosting for your average website owner.  In shared hosting, a hosting company stores files from many different customers on the same server.  Basically, customers share a server with other customers.  This type of hosting is nice because it is cheap hosting and your hosting service comes pre-loaded with lots of features and software.
  2. Dedicated hosting is when a customer pays a hosting company to lease the whole server.  These customers do not want to share server space with anyone else and pay a higher fee to lease their own server.  Dedicated hosting clients have more flexibility and control over the server and how they use it since it only affects them and no one else.
  3. VPS stand for Virtual Private Server and is a middle ground between shared and dedicated hosting.  In VPS hosting, a hosting company creates a dedicated space for a client on their server and allows the client control over their specific space.  So unlike shared hosting, VPS clients have their own dedicated space on a server that isn’t shared with other clients.  And unlike dedicated hosting clients, the VPS client does not lease 100% of the space on a server.  They lease only the space they need, but that space is dedicated solely to the client.

How do you come up with your rankings?

Our rankings are developed based on our professional experience in the industry, feedback from clients and others about their experience with the hosting services, and also from reading what other professional reviewers are saying.  For website hosting companies with which we don’t have any experience, we perform a set of specific tasks that allow us to use different features of a service and interact with the company in a way that allows us to form a professional and informed opinion of the hosting company.  It’s pretty cool and we love testing out new companies to see if they should be included in our list.

Do you make any guarantees about the experience I will have with any of these services?

No.  Our reviews and rankings our just our own humble opinions.  Everybody has different needs and expectations so it is definitely possible that a host we love will not meet your needs.  But we do our best to provide you with as much information as possible so that you can hopefully avoid being disappointed with your webhosting service.