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The iPage platform serves over one million websites. Their core features of unlimited storage space and data transfer are a big part of their popularity. The iPage package includes easy to use features for designing and building a website. One of the best among these features is the drag and drop tool allowing complete beginners to assemble their websites with little trouble. There are in depth tools available for more technologically savvy website owners who enjoy site building. Complete suites of tools to help owners with marketing and running online stores as well as an award winning support team are also part of the package.

Disk Space &
Domains AllowedMysSQL DatabasesEmail OptionsMarketing IncentivesMoney-Back GuaranteeControl Panel
UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited Accounts
$100 Google
$25 Yahoo!/Bing
$50 Facebook
Free toll-free phone #
Anytime (prorated for time used).vDeck
(Custom Built)


The iPage system  uses a different server architecture to protect their clients. The average hosting company will have one dedicated server and a backup in case something happens. The iPage company has multiple servers who share responsibilities. Pooling their servers like this adds extra layers of redundancy to make their hosting service one of the most reliable available. The iPage company uses state-of-the-art Dell high performance servers to make their service fast and reliable. The support team scans the network 24 hours a day to ensure their customers websites are up and running all the time.

Ease Of  Use

The vDeck control panel favored by iPage is known for being intuitive to use. There are over 200 tools and services available with it allowing website owners near unlimited control over their websites. The drag and drop editor and a word processor are only a couple of the tools in the vDeck control panel. Google Tools for website monitoring are also integrated into the control panel to make them easier to use.

Customer Support

The support team at iPage is available by phone 24 hours a day to help their customers. Live chat and email are also options for those who prefer that approach. The support staff at iPage’s team are all North American based to help communication with customers. The iPage system includes online tutorials and a FAQ page for those who prefer to troubleshoot problems on their own.

Prices and Plans

There is almost always an introductory sign up plan offered by iPage with a price around $3.50 a month for the initial term. After the initial term, the plans renew at the following full rates:

1. The 36 month plan renews at $6.99 a month billed as a lump sum of $251.64.

2. The 24 month plan renews at $7.99 a month billed as a lump sum of $191.76.

3. The 12 month renewal rate is $8.99 a month billed as a lump sum of $107.88.

All of their plans include the support and security suite offers in addition to unlimited storage space and data transfer. Free domain transfer and registration is available for those who want to change their hosting company.

Add-ons and Special Features

The security and marketing suites included with every sign up is not the end of the free offers provided by iPage. They also include a design suite to help customer create attractive websites. They also partner with major Internet companies to make special offers available to the customers.

1. A Google Adwords $100 bonus.

2. A Yahoo Bing $25 search credit.

3. A $50 Facebook advertising credit.

4. A free Yellow Pages listing.

5. A shopsite online store shopping cart.

6. WordPress blogging tools.

7. SiteLock security.

These offers come with the iPage hosting services and provide genuine value to anyone considering a new hosting service.

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